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We belong to OnRenewables, a leading company  in engineering and management of renewable projects, a leading company for engineering and management of renewable projects, particularly for the solar photovoltaic industry.

OnRenewables Solar Rooftops is specialised in carrying out turnkey photovoltaic solar  projects (engineering, supply and installation) on residential, commercial and industrial roofs.

What is


Self-consumption consists of generating part of the energy you need yourself through the  installation of photovoltaic panels.

The installation is always connected to the grid, so you will never run out of power.

The self-consumed energy generated by your solar panels will also reduce your electricity bills.

What are the benefits?
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Economic savings from day one
As soon as the photovoltaic panels are connected, your consumption of network electricity
will decrease and your bill will therefore be reduced from day one.
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Energy independence
Self-consumption helps you to cope with the rises in electricity prices giving you peace of
mind. Furthermore, your dependency on contracted energy from the grid will be reduced, giving you more independence on your energy use.
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Reduction of CO2 emissions
By installing photovoltaic panels, you will fulfil your social responsibility for sustainability and
the environment.

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    Practical examples of

    Small/Medium House

    • Installed power: 1.92 kWp

    • Nº paneles: 6

    • Investment cost: 3,000€

    Up to 40% energy savings

    Large House

    • Installed power: 9.35 kWp

    • Nº panels: 34

    • Return on investment: 7.5 years

    Up to 50% energy savings

    Community of neighbours

    • Installed power: 15.675 kWp

    • Nº panels: 57

    • Return on investment: 7 years

    Savings of up to 4,000€ in the first year


    • Installed power: 9.28 kWp

    • Nº panels: 29

    • Return on investment: 6 years

    Savings of up to 2,500€ in the first year


    • Installed power: 99.55 kWp

    • Nº panels: 362

    • Return on investment: 7 years

    Savings of up to 17,000€ in the first year

    These are estimated results; no real data have been considered.