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Basic to detail


  • Cartography and mapping

  • Topographical survey and data processing

  • Civil and drainage design

  • Mechanical design

  • Electrical design

  • Module and facility layouts

  • Transmission line design

  • Energy yield assessment

  • Cost and O&M optimization design

  • Ultimate design for the highest project return

  • Project cost budgeting

  • Grid code compliance



  • Assisting in public project tenders processes

  • Assisting in EPC Request for Proposal processes

  • Bid comparison, contractor classification and recommendation for awarding

  • Preparation of technical requirements for the EPC Contracts

  • Assisting in EPC contract negotiations

  • Engineering control and monitoring (EPC Contractor submittals review, comment and approval / rejection)

  • Procurement analysis and selection including quality factory visits and vendor qualification

  • Construction monitoring to ensure projects on budget, on time and with the expected quality

  • Commissioning assistance

  • Assisting in punch list creation, follow up and closure

  • Assisting in project acceptance

  • O&M monitoring and supervision

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Technical consulting

on demand

  • Red-flag memo (pre-due diligence)

  • Technical due diligence

  • PPA and interconnection assessment

  • Market analysis

  • Project feasibility studies

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Site investigations and assessments reports

  • Site-specific solar resources studies

  • Tariff, policy and regulatory studies

  • Quality and manufacturing audits

  • Repowering assessment and engineering

  • Energy storage integration

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Permitting and

business support

  • Assisting in project evaluation (early-stage projects)

  • Assisting in project development (intermediate & advance - stage projects)

  • Permitting management

  • Securing project land and easements

  • Securing point of interconnection and PPAs

  • Securing tariff (if applicable)

  • Obtain project environmental approval

  • Obtain project construction and operating permits

  • Facilitate and setting up client operations in specific-on-demand countries

  • Local partners and contractors search and selection for clients

  • Liaise with locals and clients

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Engineering, Procurement,

Construction Management

  • Site management

  • Selection of subcontractors

  • Site daily coordination and supervision

  • Liaising with the project manager and subcontractors

  • Review and implement design and quality control on site

  • Site report creation

  • Project Management

  • Liaising with the client, subcontractors and other stakeholders such as lenders, project owner, landowner, municipality, utilities, etc.

  • Ensure project completion on budget, on time and with the highest quality standards

  • Find ways to proactively prevent and solve problems

  • Assessing and minimising project risk

  • Create project status & progress reports

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on site

  • Geotechnical tests (boring survey, DPSH, Swedish test, etc.)

  • Material sample lab tests

  • Compaction tests

  • Racking system tests (pull out and horizontal traction test)

  • Racking system galvanization and corrosion test

  • Shading analysis

  • I-V Curve analysis

  • Electrical isolation cable tests

  • Module lab tests

  • Thermal analysis

  • Drone surveys for marketing and site management purposes

  • Other…

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