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Everwood Capital, one of Spain’s fastest growing Asset Management company in the solar PV sector, has awarded the Owner’s Engineer services assignment to OnRenewables for its on-going solar PV project Desafio Solar, located in Zaragoza with a DC capacity of 50 MW.

OnRenewables assignment includes EPC bid selection, request, evaluation and negotiations, energy yield assessments, project management, design and procurement review as well as site monitoring during construction and commissioning. The project’s target commercial operation date (COD) is May 2020.

“Working with OnRenewables has always been a pleasure thanks to its overall high performance. OnRenewables’ team has shown high technical capabilities in all-need solar engineering disciplines as well as providing fast, effective and accurate response to handle day-to-day tasks. With OnRenewables as Owner’s Engineer, we definitely feel that our assets and investments are in good hands”, said Matias Gallego, Project Director at Everwood.

Providing services to Everwood Capital is truly an honor for OnRenewables on account of several factors, among other its high solar PV business competence from extended experience and deep knowledge to easygoing collaboration”, said Rafael Peris, CEO at OnRenewables


From OnRenewables, in our search for excellence in the scope of energy plant design, we have acquired the knowledge and practice necessary to offer our services through the ETAP software. Among other calculations that we can offer, we perform:

  1. Calculations of earthing systems by the IEEE standards and by finite methods, and verification of compliance of maximum step voltage and maximum touch potential.
  2. Sizing of electrical cable by current sizing (depending on the type of installation), voltage drop and short-circuit.
  3. Analysis of electrical cables buried by the Neher-McGrath method and IEC 60287 methods, in addition to the optimization of the capacity of them.
  4. Short-circuit analysis based on ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards

Thanks to these studies, and to the power of calculation of our software we can offer dimensions of photovoltaic plants more efficiently and with lower costs.



OnRenewables, new partner of the UNEF (Unión Española Fotovoltaica)

OnRenewables, is a management and engineering company dealing with renewable projects, mainly photovoltaic and wind technology. OnRenewables team has extensive national and international experience in renewable projects. OnRenewables is present in Valencia, Marbella and Tokyo, giving service mainly to Developers, EPC, IPP, Banks and Insurers.



From OnRenewables (OnR), leading company in engineering and project management of the solar photovoltaic industry, we present some of our most advanced softwares for the modeling of photovoltaic plants such as Helios 3D.

We have a great team specialized in the management of such software with more than 5 years of experience.

Thanks to this software, it allows us to offer our customers:

  1. Projects with digital terrain models (original or modified).
  2. Creation of plans in true magnitude.
  3. Optimization of distance between rows as a function of shade.
  4. Multiple table configurations.
  5. Creation and study of objects that can generate shadows on the panels.
  6. Scene export to PVSYST. 
Next, we show you a video with a brief example with some of its main features. 

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


Following our philosophy of acquire the latest modern software, we are proud to announce our new business line based on the use of the powerful software Digsilent Power Factory.

Among others we highlight the folowing services and studies:
  1.  Interconnection Requirements Studies.
  2. Short circuit calculation.
With these types of studies you will ensure that your plant comply ever increasing grid code requirements of most of countries and knowing in advance whether or not you need to install Batteries, Generators, Statcoms…